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;Bathrooms cleaning
Clean floors, shower enclosures, tubs and tiles, sinks, mirrors, toilets and polish fixtures
;Kitchen cleaning
Clean cupboard doors, sink, stovetop, counter tops and backsplash area, clean outside of oven, fridge outside , small appliances, vacuum and  mop the  floor
;Living Areas
Dust all surfaces, clean glass picture frames and mirrors, dust/polish furniture, vacuum and floors
;Bedrooms  cleaning
Dust all surfaces, clean glass picture frames and mirrors,  dust/polish furniture, vacuum and floors ; additional time can be purchased for $35 per labor hour per person Offer valid for 2 cleaners for 2 hours(call for any special requests in regards to the amount of cleaners desired)


for carpet cleaning in 3 rooms,  Offer includes: pre-treatment and extraction Offer excludes: deodorizing and stain protection Light furniture moving is included with the offer Must be used in 1 visit Payment for this offer will be made directly to service provider. Please discuss options at time of contact. Limit 1 offer per household; additional area  $35


$349 for deep housecleaning Valid for homes up to 2,500 square feet Kitchen cleaning includes  the interior of oven and refrigerator; all cabinets and appliances; moving your small appliances and other items and cleaning the counter area; cleaning the tops of all items and replacing them; scouring your sink; sweeping or thoroughly mopping your floor Bathroom cleaning includes: cleaning showers, tubs, toilet, and sinks; cleaning and disinfecting all fixtures and treating any mildew; cleaning your mirrors; cleaning the shower door tracks; moving most vanity items and cleaning your counter areas; cleaning the tops of vanity items and replacing them; cleaning your bathroom cabinets and floors General cleaning includes: changing the linens and making the beds; cleaning wall decorations, picture frames, light switches, doors, and door trim; dusting, cleaning and/or polishing all furniture and all decorative items; sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all floors Deep cleaning services include: cleaning the blinds, baseboards, window sills, ceiling fans, and other high dusting Homes that are excessively dirty or in poor condition will be subject to additional charges Move-in/move-out or post-construction cleaning can be done for an extra fee $349 for 4 labor hours of housecleaning; call for any special requests; additional time can be purchased for $35 per labor hour per person Offer valid for 2 cleaners for 4 hours

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